Setting up your website

This post covers some tools which you will need to setup your website.

  1. Get a domain for your website. For me i wanted to start my blog so I bought from godaddy. There are lot of domain providers on the web, you can go and buy your domain from any provider. It should not cost you more than Rs 500 INR unless the domain which you want to buy is already bought and the other person wants more money to give that domain to you.
  2. Buy a hosting plan from hosting provider. Again there are many provider for hosting too, almost all domain providers are hosting providers too. Go to any provider’s portal and buy a hosting plan which suits your needs the most. Try to buy this plan for at least a year if at all you wanted to develop something.
  3. Now¬†go to the provider’s portal and in the web hosting section add your website. Now you are good to go, type your domain name on the your favorite web browser and you can see the default web page provided by the hosting provider.

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